Step In. Stand Out.

Recover faster with BAUER | OOFOS slides.

You give the game everything you’ve got. You go all-out every shift, every game. It’s what makes you the player you are – and the one you’ll become.

Truth is, fatigue is as much a part of the game as Oofos, pucks and ice.

Same goes for recovery.

Get Next-Game Ready

Sport Slide - “The Bartlett”

Impact absorbing OOfoam™ technology and patented footbed for additional support.

Available in sizes: JR3/W5 - M13/W15

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Sport Flex Slide

A contemporary spin on the classic slide, with an adjustable upper strap for an optimal all-around fit.

Available in sizes: JR5/W7 - M13/W15

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Give yourself a
37% Head Start.

Players who recharge faster have more to give next game. That’s why Bauer teamed with Oofos, the leader in recovery sandals, to create Bauer | Oofos slides.

Made with proprietary OOfoam® technology, Bauer | Oofos slides:

  • Absorb 37% more impact than traditional foam sandals
  • Reduce stress on sore feet, knees and back
  • Cradle your arches
  • Enable more natural movement

Give your next game everything you’ve got.

Step into recovery with Bauer | Oofos slides.


“I Was Back on the Ice fast!”

William A. | Mississauga, ON

After a knee injury, these slides did wonders on my road to recovery. I’ve had similar injuries in the past that took weeks to heal. With my OOFOS slides, I was back on the ice in a few days. Can’t recommend them enough!

Freequently Asked Questions

OOFOS are constructed from OOfoam, a unique and proprietary, closed cell foam. You won’t find it anywhere but in a pair of OOFOS.

When you pick up a pair of OOFOS, the first thing you notice is their incredible lightness. Put them on and you can feel the difference immediately: that’s OOfoam. It’s a breakthrough...

OOFOS was developed by veterans of the athletic footwear industry along with an expert foam chemist. Their mission was to create a new material (OOfoam) that could help...

Yes! The impact absorption properties of OOFOS really do take pressure off of your joints. This allows you to go about your day after a workout without adding unnecessary stress...

Hockey players rejoice - you can wear OOFOS in the shower without risk of damaging the OOfoam technology. As always, be careful when walking around in wet shoes as they can be slippery.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts were the first to recognize how OOFOS made their feet feel better, helping them to recover after a workout. But people who suffer from various foot...

Keeping your OOFOS looking good as new is easy. You can either toss them in your washing machine on the cold cycle with mild detergent or scrub them in the sink with a...