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Our most classified project is officially open to the public.

AG5NT – the lightest, most advanced stick from Bauer – uses the revolutionary material BORON to change the game as we know it. Boron’s unique combination of stiffness and compression strength gives AG5NT the ability to get pucks to the net faster, giving you an unequalled advantage on every shot.

Designed & Engineered at the Bauer Innovation Center Concu & Developpe Au Centre D'Innovation Bauer Hockey

Boron Fiber Technology

BORON is a revolutionary material with two key factors: optimal stiffness and compression strength.

Lightest Stick Ever

Weighing only 335 grams (shattering all previous stick weight records), AG5NT is our lightest stick ever produced.

Quickest Release

Unique BORON fiber construction triggers shots to reach max velocity for a never-before-seen release with devastating results on net.

Boron Specialty Materials Inc.

AG5NT is the only stick to utilize the unique properties of BORON - a revolutionary, ultra-lightweight fiber material with two key factors: stiffness + compression strength. Compared against the best carbon fiber in the world, BORON offers 2X more stiffness and 2X more compression strength – an undeniable advantage. When fully loaded, AG5NT creates an energy boost that delivers the quickest release Bauer has ever produced.

Outside of the aerospace and defensive aeronautics industries, Bauer is the only brand in hockey with the exclusive rights with Specialty Materials Inc., the only manufacturer in the world… to use Boron in its stick construction, making AG5NT unlike anything else on in the game.

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