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A child has right to educate. Education is the only key which can change the child future. When we examine human history in these terms, another theme emerges: the ways that interactions between cultural groups and ideas, and educational practices and institutions become crucial factors in understanding and explaining social change.


Tremendous progress in child and maternal health has been achieved over the past decades. But millions of women and children are still dying from causes that can be prevented with quality health care and strong health systems.

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Welcome to Sushruta Foundation

Sushruta Foundation was started in 2006. But, officially registered in 2016. Sushruta foundation is started to educate poor students and to protect our Hindu culture. Hindu culture is the oldest culture in the world. Indian literature refers to an amalgamation of distinct cultures of all communities, traditions, customs, and religions in India. The foundation helps the students who are poor and provide minimum basic amenities like Food, Education, Water and Health.

Your contribution has the power to uplift children in dire situations. We’re working towards a nation where its children live a secure life, full of opportunities for growth and development.

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LeaderShip Development

How to Become Master In
CSS within a Week.

15/02/2018 - By James Colins
LeaderShip Development

Students work together to
solve a problem.

15/02/2018 - By Jhon Deo
LeaderShip Development

How to Become Master In
CSS within a Week.

15/02/2018 - By Simon Stain

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