Data & Analytics

Our data science and analytics empower and equip your organizations by providing world-class solutions in the space of advanced technologies.
Data analytics covers a broad set of techniques used to structure the raw data. K3A Technologies creates advanced data architectures, implements data solutions, and renders managed data analytics services for businesses with different levels of data maturity.

Data analytics at K3A Technologies helps businesses from various industries integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their most deliberate needs at department and enterprise levels.

AI, ML & Data Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) and ML help in Data Acquisition, Data Preprocessing, Model Engineering, Deployment, and Administration are revolutionizing business by making the most use of structured and unstructured data. A set of technologies and building blocks is what makes cognitive offering (AI), that helps focus on data to unlock intelligent value across industries and functions the business operations smoothly and effectively.


  • AI helps in achieving high accuracy.
  • High-quality capabilities.
  • It will provide customized solutions.
  • Safe & Secure, and Powerful.
  • Building cost-effective scalable digital products and solutions.
  • Best in class expertise in designing, developing, and deploying using different Implementation methodologies.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering practice at K3A Technologies has a rich blend of industry-specific and function-based innovative solutions that helps to deliver an insight-driven output to the customers.
As our customers come from various industries from different verticals, we have extensive industry expertise which helps to deliver solutions meeting customer-specific business needs.
Our services include Data Advisory & Strategy workshops, end-to-end implementations, managed services, technology assessments/audits, and thought leadership. Our expertise span data ingestion, pipelines, curation, cleansing, feature engineering for various clients across different businesses.


  • Help in building scalable data platforms including Data Acquisition.
  • Data Quality, Data Preparation & Data Streaming.
  • Provide an articulated data governance framework that helps the organizations to secure the data and get deep insights from that data.
  • Helps for data validation, cleansing, transformation, and integration of datasets to make them ready for further consumption.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Enterprise performance management system (EPM) enables to gain better insights into data and helps in model and planning across the various line of businesses like finance, HR, supply chain, sales, and streamlines loop processes to drive better business decisions.

Planning and forecasting the system with comprehensive capabilities that avoid the users to spend more time on setting up workflows and forms and allow for performing quick-response, data-driven planning that supports business strategy.
K3A Technologies with its long-running multi-level, multi-faceted partnerships with industry-leading EPM providers and extensive experience in enterprise data and analytics services to various customers across the industry, offers you assessment, adv, end-to-end implementation, and integration services for your financial planning to forecasting loop.


  • High availability.
  • Efficiency and Productivity services.
  • Provide Better cost control, Improved Risk Management.

Cognitive Search

Enterprises are data-driven and require insights gathered from numerous sources of information. K3A Technologies' cognitive search and analysis help speed up innovation, and productivity and makes the business scalable and agile. It combines all enterprise data in every format and language into business information that is precise, pertinent, safe, and easily usable


  • Cognitive search based on user behaviour for more accurate results.
  • Self-learning algorithms help to enhance the significance of search.
  • Uniform search capability used to extract data stored across platforms.
  • Helps to enhance productivity, reduced operational costs, and a more empowered workforce.